ONDC’s New Program of Achievement

Ottawa National Diving Club’s Learn-to-Dive program is recommended for any child who would like to learn the proper techniques and the basics of diving.

Our program involves a precise path to teach diving for all levels of talent and allows each child to progress at their own speed in a safe environment. We will assess each child and communicate the results.

Bruce’s Building Blocks shows the skills necessary to progress to obtain each medal standing. Click here for a sample report card.

Our bilingual coaching staff is certified by the NCPP and are continually upgrading.

We recommend that every child complete at least one session of Learn-to-Dive before pursuing the sport further.


ONDC offers Learn to Dive programs for all ages.

Prerequisite:  the ability to swim unassisted from the board to the side of the pool.
 Girls: 1 piece bathing suit preferred – hair tied up – no goggles.
 Boys: well fitted bathing suit – not too long on the leg.




Winter 2018 Session Times and Dates


Bob McQuarrie

Saturday nights – 4:00pm – 5:30pm (11 weeks)
Begins January 5th – Ends March 16th

11 weeks – $265

Nepean Sportsplex

Wednesday nights – 6:30pm – 8:00pm
Begins January 9th – Ends March 6th
9 weeks – $220